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February 10, 2011 AT 06:49 PM EST

Image Credit: Karen Neall/ABC FamilyThe end is near, Greeks. Someone hold me.

Yes, this exclusive first look at the March 7 series finale — which also happens to be the last photo taken of the Greek cast on set — has really hit me hard. But I’m consoled by the news that we all have a chance to walk away with a piece of Greek history.

Starting Feb. 14, do-gooder fans can take home a piece of memorabilia as part of the month-long I Heart Greek Twitter Give-Back event. All you have to do is Tweet (using the #sweepsentry hashtag) about the various ways you give back to your community, and that will enter you into a sweepstakes to win a ton of Greek swag.

I have to go find something nice to do for another human being (I want that apron!), but while I’m gone, take a look at the loot and the weekly Tweet subjects. (Note: Visit the ABC Family site each week for complete instructions.)

Week No. 1 (starting Feb. 14): How Do You Give Back? — This week’s winners will receive Kappa Tau items, including but not limited to Rusty’s “Pledge Educator” t-shirt, Cappie’s “Seat Cushion with Butt Imprint,” Kappa Tau lavalieres, a pledge educator book, and whatever else Beaver lost in the couch cushions.

Week No. 2 (starting Feb. 21): What’s the Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done For Someone? — Winners will have the chance to let their inner ZBZ kitty purr with various ZBZ apparel, Casey’s “Housemom” apron, pink ZBZ wall letters from Casey and Ashleigh’s room, a ZBZ day planner, and the sorority’s shiny pink Songfest Jackets.

Week No. 3 (starting Feb. 28): Who Inspires You and Why? — Sponsored by Omega Chi, this week offers the Omega Chi voting box, Dale’s pledge paddle, Omega Chi’s presidential gavel, and the fraternity’s “foot-brawl” championship award, complete with Kappa Tau graffiti (naturally).

Week No. 4 (starting March 7): How Do You Plan To Volunteer Next? — The sweepstakes concludes with the resounding “thwock” of a Cyprus-Rhodes Titan thunder stick. Devoted fans can bring home “Cappie’s Butt” boxers, Rusty’s Cyprus-Rhodes University ID, the “Alio’s” cereal box from Dale and Rusty’s freshman room, Fraternities and Sororities: A Beginner’s Guide, and various street clothes worn by Cappie, Casey, Rebecca and the rest of the CRU gang.

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