Dan Snierson
February 10, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Naomi ScottWhen Parks and Recreation fans grab this week’s issue of EW from their mailboxes/ neighborhood newsstands/ dog’s mouths, they likely will exclaim, “Wow! The cast of my favorite show is literally on the cover!” And then, in a state of euphoric shock, they will gaze at the glorious photo for hours before they suddenly scratch their heads and wonder: “Wait a second… where’s Adam Scott?” 

Believe us, we think great things about Adam Scott. We even use Scott tissues to feel closer to him. And we tried our darndest to include him in our L.A.-based photo shoot, but there were forces of nature working against all of us. A snowstorm ended up tying Scott down in New York, where he’s shooting Friends with Kids, a big-screen comedy starring Jon Hamm and Megan Fox. (Fear not, our feature story inside the magazine contains quotes from him.) Here is Scott’s official — and quite creative — statement that he sent to EW:

Being a lifelong New Yorker (I grew up in Northern California and live in Los Angeles), when Entertainment Weekly called and begged me to be on the cover of their magazine (the show I’m on, Parks and Rec, was going to be on the cover, and thus I would ride its coattails) and that the shoot would be anywhere but Manhattan, I, of course, said no (yes).

To even consider leaving my fair city (I’ve never lived here) makes me literally vomit (not literally, actually not at all). So the decision was easy: I’d triumphantly stay in New York (I’m working on a movie here, and due to a giant storm, all flights were cancelled) while my fellow castmates mug it up in EW (I’m a subscriber). Victory (devastation)!!!

Mine (yours),

Nick Offerman (Adam Scott)

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