Archana Ram
February 10, 2011 AT 06:47 PM EST

The biggest takeaway from each episode of Top Chef is obviously the most recent eliminee, but, much like Carla’s pot pie, last night’s episode of All-Stars gave us a little something extra. Enter: “The Beef Tongue” Song.

Thanks to either a lack of sleep or complete delirium — or maybe both — the top three contestants, Antonia, Angelo, and Carla, broke out into an ode to the beef tongue, one of the many dishes prepared for Jimmy Fallon’s birthday party, during judges’ table. Have a listen after the jump:

It didn’t have many more words than “beef tongue,” yet it still caught our ears, so much so that when Bravo revealed to us that the song was now available as a ringtone, we grabbed our nearest smartphone and dialed away.

It’s weird, it’s catchy, it’s about a cow’s tongue — and it’s hilarious. Interested in getting a piece for yourself? Text BEEFTONGUE to 27286.

Do you want your own beef tongue ringtone? Or are you even more weirded out by a ringtone about beef tongue than the actual unusual food itself? Let us know!

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Bravo

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