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Jimmy Kimmel gets hot and sweaty with Minka Kelly -- PHOTO


As fans of Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club sketch from last year’s post-Oscar Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we were pretty stoked to get our hands on two photos (see them both embedded after the jump) from this year’s Academy Awards JKL lead-out, featuring new Charlie’s Angel Minka Kelly hanging out with Kimmel, who’s, ahem, letting it all hang out in a pair of short shorts. (You’ve got nothin’ on him, Richard Simmons!) Apparently, the sketch – which also features Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa, and Eva Longoria – centers on Kimmel helping Hollywood’s hottest ladies get fit. You’ll have to stay tuned after the Oscars to find out what exactly Kelly and Kimmel do while getting physical, but we can offer you some scoop: Kimmel’s guest for the post-Oscar show will be none other than two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks. Maybe Robert Langdon can us decipher Kimmel’s top-secret sketch!

Minka-KimmelImage Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

minka-kellyImage Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

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