Kate Ward
February 24, 2011 AT 03:17 PM EST

As on American Idol, Randy Jackson contributed very little to his interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last night — dude wouldn’t even pick a gender for the winner! — but he did hint at tonight’s Idol bloodbath: “I think there’s some shockers coming,” he told Jay. I will fight the urge to channel Michael Scott, ack, I can’t help it, that’swhatshesaid! Phew, out of my system. Yes, according to the dawg-edly repetitive one, we are about to lose some fan favorites. But who could it be? Please, Idol gods, not the reportedly hospitalized Casey Abrams. Tell me PopWatchers: Who do you think Randy might be referring to? And which Idol “favorites” could you afford to lose?

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