Mandi Bierly
March 01, 2011 AT 04:22 PM EST

Charlie Sheen was back on Today this morning, having invited NBC News’ Jeff Rossen to return to his home, the “Sober Valley Lodge,” Monday afternoon to tape another sit-down, as well as a kitchen chat with the two women Sheen refers to as “the goddesses.” Asked what the goddesses have that his ex-wives didn’t, Sheen said, “These women don’t judge me… They don’t lead with opinion. They don’t lead with their own needs all the time. They’re honest enough to tell me, ‘Hey look, park your nonsense. You got to help me solve this, and we solve it.’ What I tell them is don’t live in the middle. Get away from your emotions, get away from your ego, and therein lies the solution.” Sheen said all three of their opinions carry the same weight in his mansion, where the goddesses now live and help parent his twin boys, until they’re approaching crisis mode — then his age and wisdom win out. If they follow his plan then, Sheen said, “Everybody will win, and everybody’s needs will be taken care of.” 

Sheen addressed Warner Bros.’ decision to pay the Two and a Half Men crew for four of the remaining eight episodes they were supposed to film this season. He said it was a start, but that he wouldn’t sleep until the studio ponied up for the full order. Though the studio denied the pressure Sheen’s placed on it had anything to do with the compensation, Sheen took credit for it. “Who else is applying pressure? Jon Cryer? Angus [T. Jones]? Anybody? Nobody’s applying pressure. No one’s doing anything.” Sheen could only offer guesses at why his longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield severed ties with him yesterday. (Either he felt like he wasn’t being respected or he felt the situation had gotten “too gnarly,” Sheen theorized.)

The highlight of the interview was Today‘s distorted-frame flashback montage to its Monday interview with Sheen. Rossen asked Sheen what he thinks when he watches himself talk about warlocks and having tiger’s blood. “I’m entertained as hell,” Sheen said. “I’m not saying that it’s not true. But I’m laughing. And I’m laughing with the goddesses, I’m laughing with my friends. And everybody’s like, ‘Well, did they expect it to be like a normal interview? Did they expect it to be just conventional and boring and whatever else?’ No man, we’re shakin’ the tree. we’re shakin’ all the trees.”

How would Sheen describe himself today? “I am grandiose because I live a grandiose life, and I’m tired of being ‘Aw, shucks. No, that’s not me.’ Yes, that is me. Thank you for recognizing it and I support it. What’s wrong with that?” He said he used to see actors that appeared arrogant and full of themselves, and now, he realized they were just “uberconfident” and “projecting an image that they believe to be true.”

To his credit, Rossen read tweets to Sheen that expressed how some fans perceive him now: one called Sheen manic and said he or she felt bad for his kids, one said he or she would want to pop Sheen’s ego if sitting beside him, and one asked what Sheen smelled like because he looked disheveled and as though he smokes a carton a day. Sheen said it’s sad that those people have the time to tweet about him (“Get a job, anyone?”) and that he doesn’t come from a place of ego. When Rossen told him one woman did say she agreed with him, Sheen said, “Well, she’s awake. The others [pretended to snore].”

Told some fans are genuinely concerned for him, Sheen spoke directly into the camera to them: “Don’t be worried. Celebrate this movement,” he said. “And I love and I’m so grateful that you have supported me and the show for so long. I will not let you down. Trust me.”

Sheen next took his “movement” to this morning’s Howard Stern satellite radio show.

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