Adam Markovitz
March 02, 2011 AT 07:55 PM EST

This morning, reality TV mini-mogul Kim Kardashian confessed to Ryan Seacrest she had some butterflies about the impending world premiere of “Jam,” her first official single.

“I think it’s only normal for me to be nervous,” she said on Seacrest’s KISS FM show. “I’m only human. I’ve never sang [sic] before.” (She’s not counting the song’s unofficial premiere two months ago at a club in Las Vegas.)

Of course, whether or not “Jam” qualifies as a real singing debut is up to the listener:

While a thumping loop from überproducer The-Dream pounds in the foreground, Kardashian’s vocals sound a bit like the Auto-Tune the News guys took a crack at a pre-party voicemail she left for one of her sisters. “I’m goin’ out tonight/It’s goin’ down, headed straight to the front of the line,” she informs us in a matter-of-fact verse.

The beat shakes and grinds; Kim yawns and reapplies her lip gloss. It’s a testament to The-Dream’s skills that the whole thing still comes off as a radio-friendly, perfectly danceable ditty. And Kardashian, who looks suitably diva’d up on the single’s cover, has more than enough media savvy and self-confident gusto to promote the heck out of it.

But can their powers combined produce a hit single? Let us know if Kim’s “Jam” is going on your playlist.

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