Sandra Gonzalez
March 02, 2011 AT 10:23 PM EST

Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABCDr. Otis Cole is heading for the bench on Off the Map. But not to worry, Jason George fans, it’s not what you think.

In tonight’s episode, Otis and Lily have to rescue some people who went searching for gold in an abandoned mine, but their rescue takes a dangerous twist that will have the good doctor in rough condition. 

“[There] is dangerous gas and all sorts of ways you can get killed down there. Some of them have gotten hurt so I get lowered down into the mine,” George tells EW. “Well, things go poorly. I don’t make it out the same way I went in.” The result finds Otis facing “repercussions.”

“I’ll put it this way: Zee is appropriately worried about Otis, and that’s pretty telling of the state he comes back in,” he said. “It definitely affects his storyline a bit. To be a doctor especially at a clinic like this, you need to be pretty much 100 percent and Otis doesn’t come back 100 percent. It lasts longer than this episode.”

The possible benefit to being sidelined, however? Rekindling with Zee. “If you cared about somebody once, when their life is on the line, you get to real emotions,” he said. “So I’m still around; I’m not going anywhere.”

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