Christian Blauvelt
March 04, 2011 AT 08:48 PM EST

Image Credit: Stephen Fernandez/Splash NewsGreyson Chance, you have competition! At Thursday night’s Monster Ball concert in Toronto, Lady Gaga welcomed onstage Maria Aragon, the 10-year-old sensation who catapulted to YouTube celebrity with a piano cover of “Born This Way.”

Even though the original song has only been out for three weeks, Aragon’s rendition already has well over 17 million views, earning her a February 21 trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At last night’s concert, Gaga let Maria sit on her lap, and together they plunked out an adorable piano duet of the chart-topping smash. Check it out:

Could little Maria, sock monkey in tow, be any more adorable? Gaga’s show is hardly geared for 10-year-olds, but I love how sweet she is to this truly Little Monster, picking her up and twirling her around. And that’s not easy wearing a latex bikini! Realizing that Maria could be a little overwhelmed—you don’t just go from obscurity to performing in front of 30,000 screaming fans overnight—Gaga clearly tried her best to be attentive and make her feel comfortable, asking Maria if she wanted to use the pedal and providing her with backup vocals. Still, Aragon worked the crowd like a seasoned pro, thanking her supporters and giving a shout-out to her hometown of Winnipeg. A star is born.

My favorite moment: When Her Gaganess asked her, “Who styled you today?” Expect the stuffed monkey to be the next Haus of Gaga-endorsed fashion accessory.

Are you not thoroughly charmed?

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