Ken Tucker
March 05, 2011 AT 03:21 PM EST

Miley Cyrus hosts Saturday Night Live this week; the Strokes will be the music guest. Given that cast member Vanessa Bayer has done a Cyrus impersonation  a number of times, I think we can predict at least one sketch.

Alright, I’m taking bets: Do you think the show’s cold open will, for once, forsake politics and be a Charlie Sheen satire? Or will SNL combine the unrest in Libya with the unrest in Sheen’s mind for a combo sketch?

In general, what topics do you think SNL will address? And will this show be, as Cyrus/Bayer says, pretty cool?

Sound off below, please; thanks.

Then come back to early Sunday morning for a piping hot, fresh review of the show.

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