Jean Baptiste Lacroix/
James Hibberd
March 11, 2011 AT 10:16 PM EST

But of course it is!

TLC has ordered Charlie Sheen: On the Brink, an hour-long documentary about the unraveling of Charlie Sheen’s career and public image. The special will include news footage and original interviews, tracing the actor’s story from his childhood all the way to… well, whatever madcap stuff is happening in Sheen’s world right before the program airs (if the program were on VH1, it might be called Behind the Winning). The special includes reporter Jeff Rossen’s exclusive details about Sheen’s life and Mackenzie Phillips discussing life as a celebrity on drugs and recovery.

The special is produced in association with NBC News and airs on TLC on March 20 at 10 p.m.

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