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New 'Bridesmaids' trailer: All hail the wolfette pack

Hey Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow, you got your fart joke in my rom-com! (No, you got your rom-com in my fart joke!) Yes, the Knocked Up director’s raunchy humor is quite present in the second trailer for the romantic comedy for ladies – but so is director (and Freaks and Geeks creator) Paul Feig’s heart. Yes, even despite the tragic absence of Jon Hamm in this trailer, I continue to be optimistic about the Kristen Wiig-starring Bridesmaids, a film that looks just as genuine as it looks funny. Perhaps that’s because I have a weakness for Chicago-set movies, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that the film boasts one of the most scene-stealing batches of supporting actors I’ve seen in any comedy in years: Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live), Ellie Kemper (The Office), Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly), Rose Byrne (Damages), and Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911!). In fact, Bridesmaids just may give “chick flick” a good name.

Click the jump to watch why being asked to be maid of honor is every woman’s worst nightmare. (Just kidding – I wouldn’t know that, since I have no friends.) And raise your hand if you hope you never hear “I ate Saturday” ever in your life.

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