David Becker/Getty Images
Jeff Labrecque
March 16, 2011 AT 09:29 PM EDT

In the beginning, HBO made its name as the only place for great original TV programming free of the constraints of broadcast television. Then Showtime made its mark, with show’s like Weeds and Dexter, and recently, AMC has emerged as the place for amazingly fresh storytelling, with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. Now Netflix wants in. EW has confirmed a Deadline report that the video-streaming company is in exclusive negotiations to secure two seasons of House of Cards, a much-anticipated TV series from Kevin Spacey and David Fincher. Spacey would star in the show, which would take Michael Dobbs’ 1989 book and 1990 BBC miniseries about the British conservative political party and set it in the United States.

Netflix has not stopped evolving since launching 1997 as a video mail service, and recently, they’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring first-rate films and television shows to stream online. Creating their own content is a logical next step. Bold, too. Note that the company is negotiating for two seasons of House of Cards without even seeing a pilot. If they come to agreement with heavily sought-after series, which is being produced by Media Rights Capital, the landscape and race for quality programming could shift again.

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