Glenn Watson/Bravo
James Hibberd
March 16, 2011 AT 08:07 PM EDT

Bravo is taking its always unpredictable and often chaotic Real Housewives reunion show to the next level: A live telecast.

For next month’s Real Housewives of Miami reunion special hosted by Andy Cohen, Bravo will run the special live on the East Coast.

The Housewives reunion special has become the Mad Max Thunderdome of Bravo — Have a dispute? Housewives in conflict? Save it for the reunion! You remember last year the Housewives of New Jersey got into a headline-making red-faced brawl, then the ladies of Beverly Hills weren’t exactly civil during their reunion in January.

Watch What Happens: Live Miami Housewives Reunion will air on April 5 at 9 p.m. ET. (with a seven-second bleep delay, of course).

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