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A mysterious experimental drug transforms an unemployed loser (Bradley Cooper) into a genius

Abbie Cornish, Bradley Cooper | Abbie Cornish and Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Abbie Cornish and Bradley Cooper in Limitless (Myles Aronowitz)

STARRING Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, and Abbie Cornish

A sort of Flowers for Algernon for the 21st century, Limitless follows an unemployed loser (Bradley Cooper) who suddenly becomes brilliant and rich thanks to a mysterious experimental drug. Of course, a story about a man having everything would be no fun — so before long, Cooper’s character finds himself the target of a group of hitmen who want to use the drug for themselves. Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro round out the cast as Cooper’s girlfriend and a business mogul named Carl Van Loon.