EW Staff
March 18, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Alberta Cross, Broken Side of Time
”I took a train from New York to Philadelphia [to see the band] because I love them so much. I think they kinda sound like Zeppelin and the Kings of Leon [combined]. It is definitely thoughtful — perfect for a road trip.”

The Black Keys, Brothers
”Being their fan for over six years and now seeing them win Grammys is fun; I feel like I’ve been on that journey with them. I’ve been telling people about this band for a long time, and everyone I introduce to them loves them.”

The Beatles, ”Don’t Let Me Down”
”This was a highlight for me when I watched [The Beatles Anthology], and it’s my favorite song of theirs. For me, it defines the Beatles in a lot of ways. You hear John Lennon’s voice, and the passion underneath.”

James Brown, Live at the Apollo
”When you listen, it’s like a spiritual experience, because you hear the crowd. He just sang with so much soul.”

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
”It’s really hard to define what this is in the sense that it’s hip-hop, it’s R&B, it has classical elements. He’s an incredible talent and this album, I feel, is his finest so far.”

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