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Elizabeth Taylor: The unpublished photos from Life.com

It’s hard to believe that there are still unpublished pictures of Elizabeth Taylor, the movie legend who passed away today at the age of 79 after spending nearly her entire life in front of the cameras. But Life.com has dug into its vast archives and manged to put together an entire gallery of beautiful, unprinted photographs of Taylor in her many incarnations: child star, screen siren, Hollywood diva. There’s a young Liz mocking her British roots in an “All American” sweater; the actress chatting with A Place in the Sun (1951) co-star Montgomery Clift on the Paramount studio backlot; Taylor and Burton in full regalia on the set of Cleopatra (1963); and many more. Take a look at the samples Life let us post here, and then check out the full gallery at Life.com.

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