James Hibberd
March 24, 2011 AT 04:32 PM EDT

Good news, everyone!

Everybody’s favorite canceled animated Fox show (well, for Family Guy fans with long memories, second favorite) is getting a couple more years of life: Comedy Central’s Futurama has been renewed for two more years, say sources close to the production.

The network has picked up another two cycles of 13 episodes — and neither include the upcoming batch that launches this June. So that keeps Futurama on the air through 2013. (Whether the order is called the seventh season, or the eighth and ninth season, is still being debated — since seasons on Comedy Central are split over two years, do you call each year’s batch a season or do you call the full 26 episode order a season?) At any rate, last season averaged 2.5 million viewers per week once DVR is added in.

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