Hillary Busis
March 25, 2011 AT 08:06 PM EDT

Sometimes the TV gods can be cruel. After granting us an exceptional installment of The Office, they’re forcing us to wait three whole weeks before another new episode. There is, however, a silver lining here — Will Ferrell’s much-ballyhooed four-episode stint on the show begins on April 14, when The Office finally returns. NBC teased his arrival with a 16-second clip that aired at the end of last night’s episode, and though it doesn’t give us much to go on — Ferrell’s character asks Michael to hug him, Michael refuses, then reaches his arms around Ferrell’s back — it’s enough to spark speculation. What will Ferrell’s temporary Dunder Mifflin boss be like: a megalomaniac, á la Mugatu in Zoolander and Megamind Megamind? A sweetly deluded manchild, á la Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy? A sad sack who could conceivably be a real person, á la Stranger Than Fiction‘s Harold Crick? Only time will tell — though we’re pretty psyched to find out. Check out the promo below, then let us know what you’re hoping to see from Ferrell’s visit to Scranton in the comments.

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