Sara Vilkomerson
March 26, 2011 AT 03:01 PM EDT

Good news for 30 Rock fans! Tom Hanks stirred up the twitter-verse last night with the following tweet: “RadioMan delivers msg from T.Fey. Result? I’m on 30 Rock! Thanks, RMan Hanx.” The two-time Academy Award winner, who got his start on television with the early ’80s sitcom Bosom Buddies, has not been a guest star on a TV series since his turn as Uncle Ned on Family Ties in 1984. Of course, 30 Rock has had great success luring big guest stars (including Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin, Oprah) and just the idea of a Hanks-Fey team-up is pretty funny already. Hanks’ spokesperson did not immediately return a call to confirm.

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