Stephan Lee
March 28, 2011 AT 02:55 PM EDT

Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak is set to write Bumble-Ardy, the story of a pig who “longs to party,” planned for a fall release this year.

Google has launched a new, full-length online magazine in the UK called Think Quarterly, which will be dedicated to its advertisers and business partners. The first issue focuses on data and is not available on news stands, but you can read the slick e-publication for free here.

Novelist and Harvard Medical School professor Steve Schlozman analyzes the world’s fascination with zombies.

Just when you thought this public mother-daughter feud was over, Candy Spelling plans a book about her turbulent relationship with daughter Tori.

Harvard English professor Marjorie Garber asks in a new book whether literature still matters. What do you think her answer is?

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