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Kate Ward
March 28, 2011 AT 08:51 PM EDT

When it comes to the long, complicated, illegal saga of Randy and Evi Quaid, is the joke on us, or is the joke on them? Honestly, it’s hard to tell anymore. But with today’s most recent piece of Quaid news, I’m thinking it might be the former: According to the website for the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, the Canadian city where the couple has been hiding out in an attempt to escape their felony vandalism charge in the states, Evi Quaid will premiere her unfinished docudrama, Star Whackers, April 22 at the venue, followed by a Q&A session with both Randy and Evi. Some background for those of you who went off the grid last fall: The actor and his wife had been accused of illegally squatting in a Santa Barbara, Calif., home they once owned; The couple said they were being framed by “star whackers,” a group of conspirators out to steal celebrities’ fortunes or kill them. (According to Randy during an interview with Good Morning America, both David Carradine and Heath Ledger were victims of the “star whackers.”)

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: The story would make for an awesome movie. (And if Randy proved anything with his “Star Whackers” song, it’s that the man can entertain.) But even though the couple is set to profit at the April 22 event — advanced tickets are $20, $25 at the door — I can’t help but wonder whether or not the Quaids are setting themselves up as laughingstocks. It’s hard to imagine any theater-goers would attend the screening due to genuine, unbiased interest, and not to mock the couple, who obviously are going through some trying times. Especially when you read Rio Theatre’s description of the event: “Outlaws on the run? Or victims in danger from a bizarre shadowy conspiracy called the Star Whackers? You be the judge.” Then again, as mentioned, the joke could be on us: At least 400 people can fit in the Rio Theatre — an $8,000 payday in one night isn’t bad at all for the Quaids.

Would you see the movie, PopWatchers? And what would you ask the Quaids?

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