Ken Tucker
March 29, 2011 AT 12:55 PM EDT

Did anyone tune in to Good Morning America on the off chance that Britney Spears might let loose with a Chris Brown Moment? If so, you might have been dismayed: What we got on Tuesday morning was a wiggly-but-mannerly Britney in footage from a San Francisco concert “presented by Good Morning America” with hype. “Britney has something special she wants to share!” exulted a GMA voiceover. “It is a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. Snuggle up to that TV set!” enthused weather-guy Sam Champion. Even the weather report itself was a fan, retitling itself “Britney’s Outlook National Weather.”

Champion and Robin Roberts, the woman who inadvertently pushed Chris Brown over the edge with her calm, sensible questions to that singer, were seen filmed onstage Sunday at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. “Are you ready, San Francisco?” they yelled above screaming fans, introducing a Spears performance of “Hold It Against Me,” the first of three songs as part of the “Good Morning America Spring Concert Series.” Backstage, Britney’s “special announcement” was that she would go on tour with Enrique Iglesias starting in June.

After delivering breaking news from Iraq and a report on the President’s remarks last night about the use of military force in Libya, GMA devoted much of its second hour to Britney, whose album Femme Fatale is released today. How much you enjoyed Spears’ performance depended on how amenable you are to Femme‘s collection of tight dance beats and heavily produced vocals. Onstage, she danced minimally between a group of back-up dancers and stepped carefully through smoke-machine fogginess down a short flight of stairs.

“I love music; it’s my world,” said Spears to Roberts and Champion in an onstage interview. They handed her a framed proclamation that this was henceforth Britney Spears Day in San Francisco.

Spears’ final GMA song was the new “Til the World Ends.” “Baby, let me blow your mind tonight,” she sang. Was your mind blown this morning?

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Photo credit: Rick Rowell/ABC News

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