Craig Sjodin/ABC; Ida Mae Astute/ABC
Lynette Rice
March 29, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Dancing With the Stars left well enough alone with Chris Brown, who pre-taped two songs for Tuesday’s elimination show without talking to host Tom Bergeron.

The thought was that Brown would have to answer questions about the now infamous incident on Good Morning America. But instead, he came in early — Bergeron was nowhere to be found, though the judges were there — to perform “Yeah 3x” and a medley of “Forever” and “Beautiful.” The latter number was electrifying — quite literally, as Brown’s backup dancers were outfitted with special suits that lit up during the exhilarating number. Viewers won’t see it, but the performance actually required multiple takes because some wouldn’t illuminate. At one point, Brown quipped “I hope this is the last time!” It wasn’t, but at least it gave members of the studio audience a chance to yell things like “I love you, Chris Brown!”

His first performance was a real crowd pleaser, because Brown mixed up his smooth moves with several crotch grabs and a center stage back flip under the mirror ball. (Try following that up, Maks!)

After the taping, Brown scurried off the stage so the crew could prepare for the live show.

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