Sandra Gonzalez
March 30, 2011 AT 11:50 PM EDT

Now that we know Jesse’s on his way back to McKinley High in the finale three episodes of this season, my mind is percolating, Gleeks.

Word is that Jesse (Jonathan Groff) returns to apologize to Rachel — perhaps with the intention of getting her back. This news originally thrilled me, but then a thought popped into my Glee-brain: Wait, did we forget how we left St. Berry?

Um, he egged her, people! Broke an egg on her head like he broke the heart in her sweater-covered chest. Awful! I remember being upset. I mean, completely inconsolable. I may have even bitterly glared at him when we last saw him in “Journey.”

Before the unpleasantness, I actually liked them together; they had on-screen chemistry that was enhanced by their powerful pipes. Their dancing/singing duet of “Total Eclipse” was one of the most romantic moments on the show. (Obviously, that’s simply my opinion.) Also, let’s face it, he’s adorable. But then he went too far.

I’m hoping he comes back to apologize (in song; “Always On My Mind,” anyone? )…and she rejects him (perhaps with “Never Gonna Happen” by Lily Allen). It would be a powerful step for Rachel, who has a nasty habit of yearning after guys who’ve wronged her, and it would be fun to see the ultra-confident Jesse St. James humbled by rejection. Not to mention, the sight of a devastated J.G. might drill holes in my soul — which is always something to look forward to.

Okay, Gleeks. That’s my take (…please don’t hurt me). What’s yours?

Should Rachel forgive Jesse? If they communicate in song, what songs should they sing to each other? (Seriously, if Jesse sings Willie Nelson, I’ll die…from heartbreak.)

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