Richard Beetham/Splash News; Justin Lubin/NBC/Warner Bros.
Darren Franich
March 30, 2011 AT 08:15 PM EDT

Reactions were mixed when NBC released an early photo of Wonder Woman star Adrienne Palicki in a shiny, shiny costume that, among other things, flaunted decades of tradition by ditching the superheroine’s iconic red boots. Now, based on some photos taken of Palicki on the set, it looks like the costume designers have tweaked the outfit a little bit. The blue pants are no longer made of a shiny fabric; instead, they’re a darker shade of blue. (And now that we can clearly see the gold stars running up the side, the pants look sort of like they’re from an old-timey military outfit.) Even more intriguingly, the blue high-heeled boots have been replaced by vintage red flats. Some intriguing changes…but do you support the alterations? Think the new outfit is better than the original one, or worse? Check out the two costumes side by side, and vote in our costume poll below:

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