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Mandi Bierly
March 31, 2011 AT 04:30 PM EDT

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I’ve felt my appreciation for Adam Scott growing for awhile now. I was one of those people who asked, “Why wasn’t he on EW’s Parks and Recreation cover?” (Here’s why, in his own words.) Once the chemistry between his Ben and Amy Poehler’s Leslie became clear, Parks and Recreation was suddenly the DVR’d Thursday night comedy I had to watch first. And just this morning, I got an email telling me that he’s modeling the latest raincoats in the April issue of GQ, and I immediately flipped through the online photo gallery. (What I learned? Rain makes men run.)

So, yes, I believe Adam Scott’s rising star status has been confirmed in my eyes. When did you know? (Don’t feel ashamed to say, “After I sat through Monster-in-Law again on TBS to watch him tell Elaine Stritch ‘I love you’ after she berates Jane Fonda.”)

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