Lynette Rice
March 31, 2011 AT 11:03 PM EDT


Here’s your chance to shine, Mike and Molly! CBS insiders have hinted they’ll play around with Monday’s lineup until they know whether Two and Half Men will return with original episodes, and that’s exactly what they’ll do on April 11. Chuck Lorre’s other CBS comedy, Mike and Molly, will get the prime 9 p.m. berth — but for one week only. A repeat of Men (because that’s all they’ve got, remember?) will air afterwards.

If CBS is looking at the possibility of moving Molly to 9 come fall, it will want to see if the freshman comedy can hack it in the anchor slot. More than likely, however, the change is due to the network wanting to break up the string of Men repeats.

Still, what if Molly rocks the slot?

Eh, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The episode focuses on Mike “breaking tradition” by inviting Molly (aka a girl, we suppose) to opening day for the Chicago Cubs.

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