Jeff Labrecque
April 01, 2011 AT 05:32 PM EDT

Elton John has a message for bands who refuse to allow their music to appear on Glee: “Lighten up, you a——-.” The Grammy-winning singer took a break from prepping for tomorrow night’s Saturday Night Live to visit Jimmy Fallon, who conveniently works just downstairs. When the host asked John about his thoughts on his music being covered by others, like during American Idol’s Elton night, he expressed flattery, and then took the opportunity to spank those who apparently feel differently about their own music. “There’s a big debate going on about the Glee thing at the moment,” said John. “A lot of bands say, ‘We don’t want our stuff on Glee.’ Like, ‘Lighten up, you a——- … I mean, this is a compliment. Also, it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys?”

John dismissed “two or three of those bands” whose music he didn’t deem worthy for the musical show in the first place, but he also expressed disappointment in Kings of Leon, who’ve engaged in a nasty public feud with Glee creator, Ryan Murphy. “Kings of Leon, yeah … lighten up guys, c’mon … Listen, when someone wants to do your song, it’s a compliment.”

Is there any chance for peace between Glee and Kings of Leon? When Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow are willing to negotiate an understanding, it’s just a matter of time, right?

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