Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' |

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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

Stephen Colbert swung by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform Rebecca Black’s”Friday,” following through on a bargain he struck with Fallon earlier in the week. (Fallon had held up his end by successfully raising $26,000 for Donors Choose. Which, when you think about it, means that Rebecca Black has evolved in the span of a fortnight from “adorable national punchline” to “legitimate force for good in the world.” Hey, what did you do with your last fortnight?) The performance is, in a word, fun. In four words: Fun fun fun fun! Colbert croons the opening lines, alone on a darkened stage in a Dean Martin-worthy tuxedo. Then the Roots strike up and make “Friday” sound like a funky-kinetic anthem for a generation that hasn’t been invented yet. And look, fireworks! A surprise appearance by a former American Idol! Who plays the harmonica! Jimmy Fallon sings a verse with ironic auto-tune! And that’s about when the Knicks City Dancers appear. Check out the video after the jump…

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What do you think, PopWatchers? Better than the original? Think it would’ve been more fun with David Cook? Will “Friday” someday compete with the Beatles’ “Yesterday” for most-covered song ever?