Lynette Rice
April 05, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Tony Dovolani half-joked that he “tried everything” to make his foxtrot with Wendy Williams more interesting — even going so far as having her rub his bootie for Monday’s performance — but it wasn’t enough to save the talk show host for one more week. On Tuesday, Williams became the second amateur to leave Dancing with the Stars

“I was not pleased with the scores I got but ironically, I am pleased to be going home,” Williams told reporters after the results show. “I am relieved because I’m getting on a jet and going back to everything that’s near and dear to me that I have neglected personally for this six-week journey. I have a 10-year-old son, and any parent knows that fifth grade and age 10 is a child on the brink. I have a 12-year marriage and I’ve got a talk show that demands my attention.”

We got it, Wendi! Your dance card is full. So what will you miss about your partner? “Um, there are a number of things that I will miss about Tony, including him asking me to please stand straight,” she said. “Because as a woman of a particular age, it’s going to help me as I approach osteoporosis.”

That doesn’t mean Williams thinks she’s old and washed up. On the contrary, in fact. “I’ve still got it,” she said, when asked what she learned about herself  by doing DWTS. But what is it, exactly? “It’s the very same thing that propelled my career and made me push ahead after several miscarriages to have my son, and after a bad marriage to remarry and trust again,” she explained. “The very same things that I’ve been fearless about in the past. I still got it.”

What she may not have, at least for now, is the urge to keep dancing. “First I have to get back and tend to the Wendy business at hand,” she told reporters. “I have neglected a lot.” But she didn’t neglect to point out what she’ll miss most about the show. “Craft services,” she declared.

In the meantime, don’t cry for Dovolani. The affable hoofer will now focus his energy on a reality show he’s developing for The Golf Channel in which “teachers try to get me to hit the ball as close to a professional as possible.” Apparently, he’s almost there; Dovolani is an 8 handicap and is working toward a 0. “Just today we had a humongous breakthrough,” Dovolani said. “I hit one of my drives 330 yards.”

Dovolani did, however, express some regret that he couldn’t do more to save Williams. When asked about the moment from Monday’s show when the talk show host is seen grabbing his tush, Dovolani admitted that it was his idea. “I tried everything,” he said, looking exhausted.


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