Mandi Bierly
April 06, 2011 AT 06:25 PM EDT

And so it begins: Last night, NCIS started its season-ending serial killer arc (watch), and if the creepy talking baby wasn’t unnerving enough at the top of the episode (that was David McCallum voicing it, CBS confirms), how about that ending? SPOILER ALERT: I was thinking that drink would have come from Ray (Enrique Murciano), Ziva’s boyfriend, who would have coincidentally been drowning his sorrows at the same bar and overheard Tony having his back and telling Ziva that Ray had to keep her in the dark about being the CIA liaison to NCIS on the P2P Killer case. (I didn’t think that omission was that big of a deal myself, but I don’t have Ziva’s track record and trust issues).

But no, it came from the unseen killer who likes to leave behind clues leading to his next victim. I’m a bit confused about how the ice cube-encased eyeball would have gotten into the glass. Don’t most people sending a drink over to someone just place the order with the bartender, who delivers it directly to the recipient? It seems like one rule of bartending should be never to hand a customer a drink that someone else had time alone with. And what was the killer carrying the eyecube in to keep it from melting before he could make the drop? Regardless, it was awesome, because now we’ve seen that the killer knows who’s investigating him, and NCIS is at its best when things get personal, the team could be in danger, and Gibbs gets protective. (I’m already picturing him hugging Abby.)

NCIS loves to rattle the team at the close of a season, and E.J. is definitely succeeding. It’s nice to see Tony excited about someone. The look on Ziva’s face when he told her, “I understand this one, Ziva. I understand her. That’s why it’s working” was even more gutting than the look on Tony’s when Ray told him Ziva thinks of him as a brother. I am, however, as of now, hoping E.J. bites it. I loved Sarah Jane Morris on Brothers & Sisters, and have a total girl crush on her hair, but I hate seeing Gibbs manhandle or bulldoze any woman (however annoying, disrespectful, and up Vance’s butt she may be), and she brings it out in him. That interrogation scene was flat-out painful to watch. And when he told her to “Stay,” like she was a dog? That is not my Gibbs. He doesn’t trust E.J. and told her to stop sleeping with Tony. Do you think she’ll succeed in driving a wedge between them?

Your turn. Where do you think the P2P Killer case is headed?

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