Emily Shur
Hillary Busis
April 07, 2011 AT 08:10 PM EDT

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s the basic idea behind Storage Wars, A&E’s inexplicably addicting series about abandoned storage lockers and the brave men (and woman) who buy them at auction, hoping that they’ll contain something of value. The catch is that the buyers can only take a cursory glance at the storage units that are for sale before making a purchase, so there’s no way to know whether they’ll stumble upon a gold mine or a locker stuffed with junk. But luckily for both the dudes in question and the show’s audience, usually the units contain, at the very least, a few interesting tchotchkes — if not something that can be resold for big bucks.In the episode that aired two weeks ago, for example, Storage warrior Barry bought the contents of one unit after spotting what he thought was an ornate bowl inside of it. As it turned out, the object was actually a hard hat that had been covered in metal and decoratively engraved — a cool curio that also ended up fetching a pretty penny. Barry — whom the show has labeled “the collector” — also came across something semi-awesome in last night’s episode: the frame for a land yacht, a type of vehicle I didn’t even know existed until after I watched the show. Tragically, it was missing a mast, so he couldn’t use it unless he wanted to spend an additional $1000 to refurbish it; them’s the breaks in Storage-world.

And Barry’s finds are just the tip of the iceberg. The last few installments of Storage Wars have shown cast members unearthing a set of professionally sharpened samurai swords, a gold certificate from the 1920s, a libation cup made of a rhinoceros horn (what, was this the prince of Zamunda‘s storage locker?), and a piggy bank in the shape of a gorilla eating a banana. It’s enough to make you want to try your own hand at bidding on storage lockers — well, that and Auctioneer Dan’s mesmerizing patter.

Have you been watching Storage Wars, PopWatchers? If so, what do you think is the coolest thing a member of the gang has discovered so far?

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