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Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars among new nominees for MTV OMAs -- EXCLUSIVE

Kanye Gaga

MTV already has the VMAs and its own movie awards, and now they’re going for the trifecta with the OMAs.

The O Music Awards (the “O” stands for … whatever you’d like it to stand for) celebrate the best in the digital music world and contain some delightfully off-kilter categories like Best NSFW Video and Favorite F— Yeah Tumblr.

Most of the nominations were announced last week (Lady Gaga and Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator lead all artists with three nominations each), but in the spirit of democracy, MTV left the door open for a handful of fan-voted nominations in several categories.

Kanye West has guaranteed himself an OMA, as his greatness on Twitter has necessitated the invention of an entirely new category honoring Best Tweet. Each of the five nominations belongs to West, including “I have decided to become the best rapper of all time! I put it on my things to do in this lifetime list!” and “Dating models I had to learn to like small dogs and cigarettes.”

West also picked up fan-voted nominations for Best Fan Forum (for kanyetothe.com) and for Best Animated GIF (for “Kanye Smile, Then Angry”).

Other benefactors of the fan nomination process include Trey Songz (Favorite F— Yeah Tumblr and Fan Army FTW), 30 Seconds to Mars (Best NSFW Video for “Hurricane”) and Adam Lambert (Must Follow Artist on Twitter). The awards will be handed out online on April 28.

Follow the jump for the complete list of nominees, with the new fan-approved additions in italics.

Best Fan Cover
Scampi, “Pursuit of Happiness” (KiD CuDi)
Mike Tompkins, “Only Girl” (Rihanna)
Maria Aragon, “Born This Way” (Lady Gaga)
PS22, “Lisztomania” (Phoenix)
Jorge and Alexa Narvaez, “Home” (Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros)
Alex Goot, “Hold It Against Me” (Britney Spears)
Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie, “Just a Dream” (Nelly)

Innovative Music Video
Arcade Fire, “We Used To Wait”
Robyn, “Killing Me”
The Johnny Cash Project, “Ain’t No Grave”
Cassius, “I Love You So”
Sour, “Mirror”
OK Go, “Back From Kathmandu”
Das Racist, “Who’s That? Brooown!”
Craig Wedren, “Are We”
Andy Grammer, “Keep Your Head Up”
Au Revoir Simone, “Knight of Wands”

Fan Army FTW
Beliebers (Justin Bieber)
Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)
Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa)
Barbiez (Nicki Minaj)
Clouds (Rain)
Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)
Killjoys / MCRmy (My Chemical Romance)
Tokio Hotel Fans (Tokio Hotel)
Bandaids (Katy Perry)
Rihanna Navy (Rihanna)
Glamberts (Adam Lambert)
Musers (Muse)
TreysAngels (Trey Songz)

Funniest Music Short
Antoine Dodson / Gregory Brothers, “Bed Intruder Song”
Portlandia, “Portland Dream of the 90s”
The Lonely Island featuring Akon, “I Just Had Sex”
The Lonely Island, “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie and Clyde”
Ke$ha, “Disney Princess (Funny or Die)”
Shane Dawson, “Last Friday Night (Katy Perry Spoof)”

Innovative Artist
Tyler, The Creator
Kanye West
Lady Gaga
Lil B
The Flaming Lips

Must-Follow Artist on Twitter
Kanye West
Nicki Minaj
Amanda Palmer
Tyler, the Creator
50 Cent
Ted Leo
Lady Gaga
Adam Lambert
Jay Park

Best Tweet (All Kanye West)
“I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh”
“I always misspell genius SMH! The irony!”
“Is the Versace sofa to hood? Might need to cover it in plastic!!! http://twitpic.com/29mm56”
“Dating models I had to learn to like small dogs and cigarettes”
“I have decided to become the best rapper of all time! I put it on my things to do in this lifetime list!”

NSFW Music Video
Yuck, “Rubber”
M.I.A., “Born Free”
The Flaming Lips, “The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine”
Earl Sweatshirt, “Earl”
UNKLE, “Follow Me Down”
30 Seconds to Mars, “Hurricane”

Most Viral Dance
The Dougie (From Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie”)
The “Berney” Dance (From “Movin’ Like Berney” Video)
Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Dance
Lil B’s “Cooking Dance”
Ginuwine’s “Pony”
Marianas Trench “Shake Tramp Dance”

Best Independent Music Blog
Aquarium Drunkard
Gorilla vs. Bear
Nah Right
Arjian Writes
Hipster Runoff
Transparent Blog
Said the Gramophone
Pretty Much Amazing
Turntable Kitchen

Best Music Hashtag Meme

Best Music Discovery Service
The Hype Machine
We Are Hunted

Best Performance Series
From the Basement
La Blogotheque
NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts
4AD Sessions
MTV Unplugged
Black Cab Sessions
A.V. Club’s Undercover
Daryl Hall’s Live From Daryl’s House
Beck’s Record Club

Favorite F— Yeah Tumblr
Britney Spears
Thom Yorke
Nicki Minaj
Lady Gaga
Kid Cudi
Kanye West
Adam Lambert
Janelle Monae
Trey Songz

Favorite Animated GIF
Justin Bieber, “Tongue Roll”
Lady Gaga, “Finger Lickin’ Good”
50 Cent, Rebecca Black and Bert
50 Cent, Bert and Kermit on “Entourage”
Katy Perry, “California Gurls Whipped Cream”
Rihanna and Katy Perry
Whitney Houston, “Whitney Points”
Nicki Minaj, “Gum Twirl”
Kanye West, “Smile Then Angry”

Best Fan Forum
Justin Bieber Fan Fiction
Michael Jackson
BreatheHeavy (Britney Spears)
Animal Collective

Best Music Hack
Hack: Highlight to Listen
Hacker: Marshall Jones
What: A Google Chrome extension that provides audio, bio, and more for any band names highlighted on a page.
APIs Used: Echo Nest, Google Chrome Extensions

Hack: Jennie’s Ultimate Road Trip
Hackers: Jennie Lamere and Paul Lamere
What: Jennie’s Ultimate Road Trip will create a tour itinerary for your road trip. Give the web app your starting city, ending city, dates of travel and your favorite artists and Jennie’s Ultimate Road Trip will find all the best events that you should see on the way, and schedules your trip so you arrive in town just in time for the show.
APIs Used: Songkick, Echo Nest, Google Maps

Hack: Sing’Em All
Hackers: Imanol Gomez, Jorge Garcia, Vincent Akkermans
What: Simple web app that turns any block of text into song using the melody of your choice.
APIs Used: Canori, Soundcloudje

Hack: Invisible Instruments
Hacker: Tim Soo
What: Using a Wii Controller and an iPhone, play a variety of instruments through the air

Hack: Gigbeat
Hacker: Mike Novack
What: Scan users’ music libraries to find concerts they should attend. Also search the Songkick API
APIs Used: Songkick

Hack: SoundBump
Hacker: Gaurav Mehta
What: A feature that allows a very easy and unique way for SoundCloud users to interact with each other by just bumping their Android Devices
APIs Used: SoundGarage Android

Best Animal Performance
Rooster Death Metal
Parrot Dancing To Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair
Sax Playing Walrus
Dancing Merengue Dog
Cats from Holy F—‘s “Red Lights”
Parrot Sings Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”
Dogs from OK GO’s “White Knuckles” video

Best Remix
Ke$ha, “Sleazy (Andre 3000 remix)”
Birdman, “Fire Flame Remix (Feat. Lil Wayne)”
Lykke Li, “Follow Rivers (Tyler, the Creator Mix)”
Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance (Hercules & Love Affair Mix)”
Gorillaz, “Empire Ants (Miami Horror Remix)”
La Roux, “In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)”
Adam Lambert, “Aftermath (Billboard Remix)”

Best iTunes LP
Gorillaz, Plastic Beach
Bruce Springsteen, The Promise
The Beatles, The Beatles Box Set
Talib Kweli & Reflection Eternal, Revolutions Per Minute (Deluxe Version)
Pink, Greatest Hits…So Far!!!
Janelle Monae, The ArchAndroid (Deluxe)

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