Sandra Gonzalez
April 12, 2011 AT 10:21 PM EDT

The ratings news from last night’s new episode of Chuck was far from what fans of the show were hoping for. But when EW spoke with Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome!) last week, he had a plan for this predicament. “The ratings could definitely use some help. You can tell everybody to tell three friends to watch — a good pyramid scheme. If some fan out there – because we have some die-hard fans — would like to come up with a good pyramid scheme to get more viewers, we’re all ears,” he joked.

Last night’s 4 million viewers and series-low 1.3 rating probably put a damper on the cautious optimism that McPartlin told us the cast was feeling, but he also said the pressure of life on the bubble was not foreign to them. “We’ve been through this before. I feel like the tolerance for this has become high. Everyone expects it to be okay; it’s like the show itself, almost. Everyone expects Chuck to die [in one moment] and in the next, ‘He’s alive!’” he joked. “The truth is that there is going to be an endpoint and if the fans want us to stay around another season, they’re going to have to double up their efforts and do something creative. At the end of the day, it’s all about ratings”

If all else fails, McPartlin has a plan C.

“Lets try to find a way to throw Josh Gomez into [this]. Maybe he’ll give everyone who watches Chuck a dollar,” he laughs. “I’m sure he’s willing to forego most of his salary.”


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