Kate Ward
April 12, 2011 AT 09:50 PM EDT

Something has always creeped me out about How I Met Your Mother. And we were confronted with it once again during last night’s somewhat stale episode. While discussing his challenging relationship with Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) — the environmental advocate who protests his big-business building plans — Ted (Josh Radnor) is seen arguing with his girlfriend while having sex.

Why is this unsettling? Well, it is extremely dysfunctional. But also because the whole concept of the series revolves around the fact that Ted is telling his love story to his children. So does this mean he’s freely discussing his sex life with his kids? And as someone who’s never come close to asking my parents, “So, how’s your sex life?” I can’t help but shudder every time I hear Ted make reference to his bedroom antics. (I’m all for open, honest dialogue between parents and children, but sexual quirk talk is best kept inside Barney’s brain.)

Yes, this is fantasy. And perhaps we’re supposed to assume that the show’s giving an inside look into scenes that Ted sugarcoats to his children in the future. But sex has figured so predominately in the series, it’s hard to imagine how he could discuss the gang’s numerous relationships without referencing their romps in the hay. (Though I have to imagine Ted’s omitting some details, since his kids have probably needed time to go to bathroom at some point.) And if Ted’s is really that honest about his dealings beneath the sheets, why should smoking pot (a.k.a. “eating sandwiches”) get a euphemism?

Or maybe I should just shut up and just enjoy the damn series for what it is — an awesome traditional sitcom in a TV landscape where traditional sitcoms are less appealing than a meatball sub to the face.

Does Ted’s sex talk creep anyone else out? Or am I being too picky?

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