Clark Collis
April 12, 2011 AT 08:45 PM EDT

Unless you live under a rock — or have recently been stabbed by a Munch-masked madman — you will be aware that horror legend Wes Craven’s new movie Scream 4 hits cinemas this Friday. In anticipation of the slasher sequel’s release, the Alamo Drafthouse‘s collectible art boutique arm Mondo has announced that it is making Craven the latest subject of its “Director’s Series” poster line (previous auteurs who have been honored in this way by the Austin, Tx., cinema include Guillermo del Toro and Source Code film maker Duncan Jones).

The first two Craven movies to be given new posters are the original 1996 Scream and the Johnny Depp-featuring A Nightmare on Elm Street. Swamp Thing, The Hills Have Eyes, and The Last House on the Left will all also be granted the Director’s Series treatment.

You can see the (extremely) blood-drenched artwork for Scream and Nightmare below. Take a look and tell us what you think:

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