Bryan Lufkin
April 22, 2011 AT 11:40 PM EDT

In Brother’s Justice, writer, co-director and star Dax Shepard (NBC’s Parenthood) announces his desire to launch a new creative path as an action flick-headlining, karate-chopping hero. Sadly delusional, he kicks off a seemingly ill-fated campaign to make a film that will be the glorious turning point in his career. Despite zero martial arts training and severe lack of funds, Shepard, along with co-star Tom Arnold and producer Nate Tuck, implore their industry contacts to get the half-baked project off the ground. Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, David Koechner, Jon Favreau and Michael Rosenbaum also appear. David Palmer co-directs. Check out the NSFW trailer below:

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