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April 25, 2011 AT 09:43 PM EDT

I’ve always wanted to have Blair Waldorf’s problems. (Which fabulous dress should I wear today? Which of my fabulous futures should I pursue? There are too many macaroons!) But this has never been more true than right now. Presently, Queen B finds her heart torn into three pieces: One belongs to a Bass-hat, another to a prince, and another to Dan Hump-free.

Now, this has been a position of great debate in the Gossip world, so I figured it’s best if we put this to a vote. Let’s break down her choices:

Chuck Bass, entrepreneur with daddy issues (pictured, far left) — A Manhattan-ite with style, Chuck has the riches to keep Blair happy, the wit to keep her on her toes, the moves in the bedroom, and enough skeletons in the closet to make anything Blair does seem like an act of sainthood, which could easily become one of her new outlandish life goals in a few seasons. But he’s also a creep who slept with zombie Humphrey at the end of last season and once traded her for a hotel. Forgivable? Perhaps. But while we’re talking about people with conquests they should be ashamed of…

Dan Humphrey, writer/hairy-chested man who has slept with Vanessa (pictured, center) — Blair and Dan have had their share of differences, but there turned out to be a surprisingly adorable connection bubbling underneath the surface of disdain. The slow burn between the two caught fire just before hiatus when they shared a kiss, but ever since we returned to the Upper East, things seem to have cooled between this Dair-ing pair. This cooling down won’t last — as you might see tonight. Despite the obvious chasm between them when it comes to style, socioeconomic status, hygiene, and prospects for success in the future (I hate to say it, but he is Rufus‘s son… ), is this pair crazy enough to work?

Prince Louis, um, prince (pictured, far right)  Speaking of crazy, if a man travels half way around the world to return your shoe and declare his love for you, is he crazy? Quite possibly, yes. But he’s also not just  a man. He’s a prince. A prince who traveled half way around the world to return your shoe and declare his love for you. Should anything else matter? I know my answer… but I’m a bad person.

Tough choice, readers. (Or not.) Vote below!

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