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Royal Wedding poll: Which plot point from Lifetime's 'William & Kate' do you most wish was true?

William Kate Movie

(Jack Zeman/Lifetime)

It happened: Just six days ahead of Friday’s Royal Wedding, I found myself flipping channels Saturday night at my parents’ house, landing on Lifetime’s William & Kate right as Kate Middleton fled Prince William’s 21st birthday party. (He had invited another young woman up to help him blow out the candles.) “I’m the girl he hangs out with, not the one he brings home,” Kate said to her trailing friends, echoing the snooty mean girl who’d just assured her that William wouldn’t have time to socialize with his flatmate (who he was secretly sleeping with) at this public event. And with that, I was sucked in – not only to the rest of the movie but also to the repeat so I could see what I’d missed. You can watch William & Kate, “inspired by true events,” online now. SPOILER ALERT! The most ridiculous plot points make our poll below. 

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Originally posted April 25 2011 — 2:40 PM EDT


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