Sandra Gonzalez
April 26, 2011 AT 10:10 PM EDT

Derek Hough appeared on ABC’s Better With You last night, and it wasn’t until I saw him there that I realized how much I missed him on DWTS.

Lies! I actually just miss his Hidden Gems and was saddened when “Little Derek” didn’t appear last night on the show — at least to this gem hunter. (Although, part of me wonders if ABC would edit out big “Little” cameos.)

Did you check out Derek’s appearance last night, DWTS fans? Find any Hidden Gems? (The only thing I saw was the man wearing a beige shirt and hoodie in the background who looked like he was over-exposing his pale, hair-less chest.) Also, Annie, hurry up and post this week’s Hidden Gems. Check out a clip below: 

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