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Is Kate Middleton's reception dress better than her wedding dress? Don't make me choose!

Kate Middleton Dress

(John Stillwell/Getty Images)

We’ve already pondered the perfection that is Kate Middleton’s wedding dress once today here on PopWatch. But, readers, take a look at the amazing photo before you now of The Duchess’s white satin reception dress. Does this not make your wedding-obsessed soul flutter as it did this morning when she stepped out of her car? To be honest, I gasped when I first saw this beautiful gown (which is reportedly a Sarah Burton – as was her first dress). In fact, dare I say, I like this one better? Between the cardigan, the sparkle, and the figure-flattering effect – ugh, I don’t know! Sleep deprivation is setting in, and that always makes decisions 10 times harder, especially with regard to fashion.

The only thing I am sure of? That a new bar has been set – not only for future royals but for brides in general. A recently-engaged friend of mine said to me shortly after instant messaging me this photo, “On my wedding day, I just wanna feel as pretty as she looked.” And isn’t that the truth?

I now pose the question to you: Which do you like better: The reception dress? Or the wedding dress? And are you sick of this stuff yet? (Impossible!)

(If not, join me for continued fawning on Twitter @EWSandraG.)

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