Aly Semigran
May 03, 2011 AT 09:52 PM EDT

Baby talk ranks, for me, on the general awfulness scale somewhere between people chewing loudly and the apocalypse.

So forgive me that I couldn’t stomach the idea of watching all of last night’s episode of Taboo. The National Geographic Channel show, now in its seventh season, featured a man named Stanley who, in the privacy of his own home, dresses and behaves like a baby. Eating in a high chair, drinking out of a bottle, and (shudder) speaking like baby — the works. See for yourself: 

Granted, there have been far more shocking topics covered in the program (the series has chronicled everything from sexual taboos to shocking rituals), and what he was doing was ultimately harmless. But something about it seems so unsettling. I’m not bothered by this man and his freedom to express himself and live his life however he pleases, so much as babies aren’t supposed to be that big. Babies are small and aren’t capable of going to work and they don’t sell and trade stocks online!

Whether or not the idea of a grown man baby bothers you too, the show is definitely fascinating. I mean, hey, to each their own. Except for baby talk. That’s the worst ever.

Did you watch Stanley the man who lives like a baby on ‘Taboo’ last night, PopWatchers? Did it bother you or were you more envious that you hadn’t thought of it first?

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