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Aly Semigran
May 04, 2011 AT 07:00 PM EDT

Ahh, Corey and Topanga. The TGIF generation’s Tracy and Hepburn. True love in its finest form.

Except, like most awesome things from the ’90s (slap bracelets, financial security), it seems the happy couple may not have made it to the new millennium. At least, not according to Rider Strong. In a funny, and surprisingly insightful interview with Vanity Fair, Strong, who played Corey’s (Ben Savage) best friend Shawn, shared his thoughts on all things Boy Meets World, from the unexplained disappearance of Mr. Turner (seriously, what?) to whether or not his TV pal and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) lasted.

When asked if he thought Corey and Topanga, who wed in the final season, would be divorced by now, Strong sadly answered, “Probably.” But, before we go sending Strong to Mr. Feeny’s office, let’s consider the fact that he makes some valid points. As he points out, not only did ABC apparently object to the nuptials, but now it’s widely regarded as the show’s “jump the shark” moment. And, lest we forget, they were still teenagers when they got hitched.

Don’t, however, lose all hope, all you C&T 4-ever fans who prefer to picture them still in love. Strong quickly followed with, “No, no… because the whole conceit of the show was that they were meant for each other. So I can’t say that. Of course they’re still together in magical happy land.” Optimism and sarcasm. How very ’90s.

Still, Strong’s assessment of the Friday night line-up’s power couple (sorry Sabrina and Harvey) got me thinking about other young ’90s sitcom couples and whether or not they’d still be an item some 20 years later. While I’d like to think Saved By The Bell‘s Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski are happy together, living near a beach and talking on regular sized phones, I get the sinking feeling they both knew they peaked in high school and subsequently spent the past two decades trying to recapture their glory days. There’s also no way Family Matters‘ Laura would have continued to put up with Steve Urkel’s wardrobe and/or catchphrases for an eternity.

So, I suppose I don’t think too differently from Strong (cynicism was, after all, a lasting effect from the ’90s) but, help me out PopWatchers, there’s got to be some young ’90s sitcom couples who made it work, right? Full House‘s D.J. and Steve? Sabrina‘s Sabrina and Harvey? Anyone?!

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