Kate Ward
May 06, 2011 AT 03:33 PM EDT

Fitzroy Barrett

Last Mother’s Day, Betty White famously hosted a stellar episode of Saturday Night Live. Well, we can’t have the almost-nonagenarian back for a second go-round, but we’ve got the next best thing: Tina Fey. And the former cast member, and current 30 Rock star sure chose a good week to host, what with such headline-grabbing events like the death of Osama bin Laden and the Royal Wedding occurring just one week ago. No word as to what the SNL cast might do with the bin Laden news, but if the current round of promos are any indication, the cast might just lampoon England’s most glamorous event in 30 years: Noting that musical guest Ellie Goulding was at the Royal Wedding, Kristen Wiig jokes she was there too, yelling, “Marry me, Harry, you handsome ginger devil!” Come on, we’re all thinking it too. Check out the promos after the jump, in which Fey reveals a creative Mother’s Day gift idea.

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