Annie Barrett
May 09, 2011 AT 03:00 PM EDT


Thanks to reader Maddie, who asked me on Twitter: “Did you know that Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth rocked the samba on the Aussie version of DWTS in pants that’d make Maks proud?”

Well thank the Lord Mirrorballus in disco heaven, I do now! Video after the break.


Obviously, his hip action could have been looser, but I have seen so much worse. Jay Leno showed this dance on The Tonight Show last week as if tight ballroom trousers enthusiast Chris Hemsworth should be embarrassed about it, but whatever. Three questions:

1. That roundhouse kick (?) at 0:52 — are you kidding me?

2. How fun does Australian Dancing With the Stars look?

3. Does this mean I have to see Thor?

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