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Stephan Lee
May 10, 2011 AT 10:00 PM EDT

If you’re like me and managed to avoid the Extragate spoilers, it’s still an exciting race for prom queen! Will McKinley get Zized? Or will perfect-nosed Quinn fulfill her royal destiny? Is there any way Santana and Karofsky’s scheme will work out? In my dreams, Rachel will win in a ballot-stuffing prank and go Carrie on everyone after a bucket of Slushee rains down on her. But it looks like she’ll have a fun, fun, fun, fun night after all. If no one asks you to prom, what do you do? You ask someone from another school, of course, and that’s where Jonathan Groff comes in. Jesse St. James is back, and so is his powerful voice in an a capella version of “Rolling in the Deep.” He sounds as great as expected, but maybe the arrangement will grow on me.

I love prom-themed episodes and movies (even this one), and I can’t wait to see how Glee handles the absolute most important night of a teen’s life. “Starry Night” theme? Looks like it. Musical prom asks? Of course. Glee club going splitskies on a white limo? Probably. There will be at least one gay couple at prom this year, but I was sort of hoping for Brittana to go together. Maybe Brittany will save the last dance for Santana. And show up in a tux.

How excited are you for Jesse St. James’ return? Who would you vote for prom queen and king? Before, during, and after the episode, sound off here, and check back early in the morning for Sandra’s recap!

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