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'X-Men: First Class': Watch a clip from the mysterious prequel

We still don’t know very much about X-Men: First Class, the Cold War-era preboot in which a much younger gang of mutants puts on retro-fab bright blue-and-yellow costumes to fight Fidel Castro, Black Ops-style. So treasure the short, intriguing clip from the film that just hit the Internet, in which a young Professor X (James McAvoy) makes a presentation in CIA headquarters about the oncoming rise of superpowered individuals. Suffice it to say, the era-appropriate G-Men act like era-appropriate toolboxes. (Also, am I crazy, or is Oliver Platt the spitting image of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara? Maybe I have been playing too much Black Ops.) Check out the scene below: 

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Originally posted May 11 2011 — 3:40 PM EDT

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