Anthony Breznican
May 12, 2011 AT 08:01 PM EDT

The Tree of Life premieres on Monday at the Cannes Film Festival, but another clip from the eagerly awaited Terrence Malick film has been released, showing Brad Pitt’s overly tough father trying to teach his boys how to throw a punch.

Any time a bigger guy says to a little guy, “C’mon, hit me!” it’s bound to be bad for the smaller one.

Pitt’s character may think he’s teaching the boys to be strong, or to defend themselves, but an earlier clip from the film shows just how relieved they are when he is far away, on an out-of-town business trip.

The movie, which opens in stateside theaters May 27, features Sean Penn as one of the adult boys, reflecting back on his childhood with a delicate, loving mother (Jessica Chastain) and Pitt’s oppressive father, though the film is said to have a broad, dreamlike approach that uses micro and macro images demonstrating the passage of time to illustrate this story of one small family.

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