Angelina Jolie and Jack Black: Fu fighters |


Angelina Jolie and Jack Black: Fu fighters

EW caught up with the stars of 'Kung Fu Panda 2' at the Cannes Film Festival

Jack Black and Angelina Jolie couldn’t be more different. One is a sexy, seductive minx…and the other is a globe-trotting mom who is raising six kids with Brad Pitt. But sit down with them both, as EW did at the Cannes Film Festival, and you’ll see they have a friendly, sparring camaraderie that’s carried them through three animated movies together. They first met as fish in 2004’s Shark Tale before moving up the food chain and voicing warrior mammals in 2008’s Kung Fu Panda. Now Black (who’s married and has two little boys) and Jolie are back in Kung Fu Panda 2, reprising their roles as Po, the clumsy, wisecracking bear, and Tigress, his no-nonsense martial-arts partner. Their nemesis this time? A wicked white peacock (Gary Oldman) that threatens their land.

EW: The goal of this interview is to get you two to argue and start some actual kung fu fighting. Can you oblige?

Angelina Jolie: [Laughs] People have been lookin’ for a fight between us.

Jack Black: It’s not gonna happen. I can’t win that battle.

Jolie: We could both take Gary Oldman!

Black: Yes!

Jolie: Isn’t that the point of the film? I mean, he’s the bad guy. Now, could Dustin [Hoffman, who voices kung fu master Shifu] take on Gary Oldman?

Black: Dustin could take us all on.

EW: Did you two ever record dialogue together, or was it always performed separately?

Jolie: We did perform alone. But the first film was harder because you haven’t actually seen it. I didn’t know exactly what he was doing. [Laughs] I still don’t know exactly what he’s doing.

Black: There is a dude there who speaks and pretends to be the other person.

Jolie: Is there a dude who does me?

Black: Yeah.

Jolie: It’s not a female?

Black: It’s a dude. [Sheepishly] But he really got in touch with his feminine side.